Plastic surgery doesn’t define person

Plastic surgery doesn’t define person
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There’s no denying it: All around the world, the culture of nip and tuck is being cultivated, grown and blown up to epic proportions. A fascinating dichotomy arises, one where a plastic surgery culture of outer beauty and covetousness exists next to issues of insecurity about our frail bodies and an itching sense of dissatisfaction with how we look.

Xingzhou Zhu | Daily Trojan

In recent news, this infatuation with the plastic has taken Afghanistan by storm. Though most surgeries done back in the day were reconstructive — patch-ups for war injuries, medical treatment for cleft lips — things have taken a turn, shedding light on the fact that cosmetic surgery at large plays on the age-old ideologies of societal concepts of beauty.

In that sense, this growth of interest in plastic surgery on a global scale might not be an indicator of an increasingly image-obsessed society but a continuing symptom of a society that has always been this way.

In the spirit of being progressive, just because something has always been this way does not mean that it’s r…………… continues on Daily Trojan Online

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Lipoplasty Is Top Cosmetic Surgery
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Lipoplasty remains the most performed cosmetic procedure in the world, representing 19.9% of total surgical procedures, and the United States, Brazil, China, Japan and Italy are the most dominant countries for surgical procedures, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the largest international society of individual plastic surgeons.

The society invited 20,000 plastic surgeons to participate in its third annual Global Study of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Performed, to determine the numbers and types of procedures performed in 2011. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery assisted with the study, which had 996 respondents.

The rest of the worldwide top 10 cosmetic procedures: breast augmentation (18.9% of procedures), blepharoplasty (11.0%), abdominoplasty (8.7%), rhinoplasty (7.5%), breast lift (7.0%); breast reduction – women (6.7%), facelift (4.8%), treatment of gynecomastia/male breast reduction (2.7%) and otoplasty (2.6%). In the United States, the…………… continues on

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